Why Modern Games Need Updated Gadgets

The most remarkable technological upgrades are the ones we occasionally take for granted. Take, for example, the gaming gadgets and gear you need for 2023; they are so good that you purchase them and quickly forget about them when new technology is on the horizon. If you played games before the internet, you understand what I mean by this. You’ll always look forward to the next exciting technology. If you remember the switch from Nintendo GameBoy to the Play Station, it caused so much hype because it was the first time people could play games online. This was all thanks to technological advancements in multiple gaming areas during that time.

Technology has proven one thing over the years: it is meant to serve us and make our lives easier. This is applicable to modern gaming. Technology has significantly improved our gaming experiences, making us need to upgrade gadgets often.

In this blog post, we look at ways technology has affected how modern games are played, which has led to the increased demand for better and superior gadgets. To better understand why we need updated gadgets often, we must understand how technology and gaming have evolved over the years.

Taking Gaming Online

The biggest leap in modern gaming started when the internet was introduced. Nintendo, Sega, and Valve were at the center of this, and the initial experience they offered was rather rudimentary. Furthermore, most of these games were only available on desktop PCs, which were also somewhat limited. Most of the games, if you can remember the likes of Diablo, Half-Life, Sega Rally Championship, Age of Empires, and Starcraft, were only available in 2D format. So, with the introduction of the World Wide Internet, players became more connected, and the demand for better quality games shot off the roof.

Shifting to Mobile Gaming

PCs were the link between arcade and online gaming. They made it easy and convenient for players to enjoy their favorite games without the need to travel to arcade centers. However, they had limitations, too, most notably the lack of portability.

With the success of Nokia’s Snake game, many software developers started focusing on how they’ll make it possible for players to enjoy their favorite PC-based games on the go.

The breakthrough was realized in 2007 when the team at Apple unveiled the first iPhone smartphone. It was literally a game changer because it offered not only bigger touchscreens and powerful processors (for that time), but it also introduced mobility in gaming. These devices offered a seamless and much-improved gaming experience with high-quality audio and graphics.

Sony, who at that time were experiencing success with their Playstation games such as GTA, God of War, and Tekken, jumped on the technological wagon and introduced the PSP. This means players could enjoy the same gameplay and mechanics of the PC games on the go with the PSP.

Since then, all software and mobile developers have been in competition, trying to outdo each other in delivering a cutting-edge gaming experience. Mobile gaming has become as good as the PC version, with many people preferring to enjoy their games on the go due to the “busy” lifestyle that we live in today.

Gaining Ground With State-Of-The-Art Graphics

Mobile gaming is now a totally viable alternative to PCs and laptops in the online gaming sphere. This is thanks to the fact that the processing power of today’s smartphones dwarfs what some of the PCs offered a decade ago. Games are more optimized for mobile play and automatically adjust to match your device’s processing powers. These games can be played via your device’s browser without the need to download any app or software, and you still get to enjoy all the gameplay mechanics GTA 6, FIFA, Cyberpunk, DOTA, Call of Duty, and other games have to offer.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Another niche that is shaping how often we will be updating our gadgets when playing games online is virtual reality. Once portrayed in Sic-Fi movies as a thought, virtual reality today is not only possible but on the cusp of becoming a reality. Whether you are looking to step into the virtual reality of any mobile game or considering the future with concepts such as the Metaverse that is interconnected with its 3D spaces, VR is now delivering 3D architecture that people could only imagine and think of a few years back.

Oculus Rift was launched in 2012, and the technology behind it has now progressed significantly. So significant is the progress that Oculus Rift is considered a shell of its former self. In 2020, Oculus Quest 2 was launched and paved the way for the Pico Neo 3 headset, a state-of-the-art VR headset in 2021. Apple announced its entry into the VR market with the Apple Vision Pro in 2023, while Facebook announced its Meta Quest 3, which will be dedicated to its Meta users. In a span of one decade, what used to be an imaginary idea has materialized to become a reality.

So, if you are still planning on playing VR games such as Resident Evil 4, Star Wars: Squadrons, or The Walking Dead using your Oculus Rift VR headset, you may want to consider any one of the three devices mentioned above as it won’t be possible to use your outdated device.