Features And Benefits Of Deadlift For Women

Deadlift is a part of the competitive disciplines of the powerlifting championships, it is very loved and respected by all bodybuilders and weightlifters, but no matter how you think it is an exercise for big and strong men, we will debunk many myths about this.

Deadlift is a gorgeous exercise for the development of the gluteal muscles, muscles of the back and legs, as well as the arms (although it is better not to pull your arms, but more on that later).

Romanian Deadlift is a lightweight version of the classic deadlift. Their difference is that with deadlift, the barbell or dumbbell must be lowered to the middle of the lower leg, and not to the floor, as in the classic version.

Deadlift with a barbell or dumbbells, this is a mandatory exercise in training complexes for girls who want to develop their buttocks muscles, as well as biceps and triceps of the thigh. Also, traction contributes to the excellent stretching of the muscles of the legs. Do not forget that the calf muscles, back muscles, and even the abs are also involved in traction

Here is such a universal exercise for the whole body. Well, scary myths a little dispelled? Then continue on.

Dear girls, get rid of prejudices on the topic of pumped over giant muscles due to the raising of iron. For the pronounced and underlined all the bulges and concavities of the body, you just need to become close friends with traction, dumbbells, and a barbell.

Girls also need traction, but especially for beautiful buttocks.

Deadlift Muscles, Features, And History

The classic deadlift is included in the complex of competitive exercises and as a separate competitive discipline. And you must read about anazole dosage at steroids.click to achieve your goals. Yes, everything is so serious. All weightlifters and bodybuilders, not to mention the powerlifters, love this exercise and give it full force because they know the benefits of traction for the body. And you are not advised to pass by and do traction at least once a week.

Deadlift, also Romanian, was invented by Romanian athletes. It, unlike the classical one, does not use the back so much, and accordingly, it is mainly aimed at the legs and buttocks.

The title of the exercise refers to straight legs, but in fact, in the exercise itself, the legs should be slightly bent at the knees, and you can straighten them only at the highest point when lifting.

The draft on straight legs with a barbell should be performed for the first time with light weight, namely with an empty bar and after preliminary heating and body preparation.

Preparation for traction should include:

  • stretching;
  • strengthening the lumbar;
  • work on hand grip.

You must have a good stretching of the muscles of the legs, because when tilting with weights, your muscles will receive a large load, and accordingly stretching, and even under additional weight.

To avoid injury, it is necessary to warm up and stretch the muscles well before doing traction.

Your lower back should also be strong. Download it using hyperextension exercise. The back in the lower back should slightly bend forward, but at the same time try to keep in the same plane, and in no case should you round the lower back and stoop. Remember to use a belt when doing exercises with large weights.

Train your grip, otherwise, the bar can simply fly out of your hands. Or use the straps, firmly securing your hands on the neck.

After all the preparations and stretch marks, you can begin to draft, but you need to memorize the most important rules. The draft of the bar on straight legs begins with the fact that you must put the bar on racks or any other stable elevation, so as not to pull it off the floor for the first time.

  • Approaching the barbell, place your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and grasp your hands wider than your shoulders.
  • Remove the bar from the racks and straighten in the starting position.
  • Bend your knees slightly and slightly bend your back forward
  • Start your slope smoothly. Take the bar down your legs. Head look a little forward and up. Keep your back straight and slightly bending your knees, lower the bar to the middle of the lower leg. Take your pelvis back, as if sitting on a chair, then slowly rise to its original position.

Stop at the top point and hold the buttocks for a couple of seconds, gently pushing the pelvis forward – this is very useful for girls who want to make their buttocks elastic.

You are the champions. By varying the exercise a little, you can bring more benefits and better results.

Deadlift Workout With Dumbbells

If suddenly there was no free barbell at hand, then draft on straight legs with dumbbells is a worthy replacement of equipment in this exercise. The technique of performing exercises with dumbbells is different in that you should keep your hands confidently at the same level so that there is no bias in one direction or another. You can also hold the dumbbells, both in front of you, and lead them down the sides of the legs.

For a good study of the gluteal muscles, and in particular the middle gluteus, you can use one secret, which will help to work out and round your shapes more strongly along the lateral line of the thigh.

Dead deadlift on straight legs with inward-turned feet is your secret move to improve this exercise.

Initially, having risen to the starting position, turn the feet inward and hold them in this position until the end of the exercise. As you lean over, you will feel a lot of tension on the outside of your thigh. This will be the main indicator in the sensations when properly performed exercise.

Features And Benefits Of Straight Leg Deadlift

Deadlift on straight legs is a slightly more difficult exercise and strong back muscles are a necessary and very important condition for its implementation. If you have any injuries to the lumbar or back, then this exercise will be called into question. If you do not have any restrictions, then alternate your workouts using classic and Romanian drafts.

Training Tips:

  • Include traction exercises 1-2 times a week in your workouts.
  • Do 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps, depending on the weight on the bar.
  • With weight gain on the bar, the number of repetitions is best reduced to 6-8 per set.
  • Alternate light and heavy deadlift workouts.
  • Rest after deadlift exercises should be at least 3 days.

Remember: the weight on the bar should grow slowly but surely.

Do not forget to wear a belt, even if the weight on the neck is not large. So you securely fasten your lower back and the risk of sprains is reduced.

Knowing the technique and understanding all the advantages of this exercise, you ladies, give your legs slenderness, buttocks elasticity, and back a strong and even posture. Go ahead. And be proud of yourself!

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